Twin Spin Online Pokies Review

A glimpse at the game

If you are a diehard fan of online pokies real money with a touch of simplicity, then there is no doubt that Twin Spin is just the best selection for you. Before its release, the developer of the game did splendid work marketing it promising players lots of goodies. And so, many online casino players had been waiting a little while to try their hands on a NetEnt’s new release! As it is the case, being one of the leading slots software developers, casino players across the world know that game they are going to launch will something genuinely new, and certainly, when Twin Spin it was released in January 2014, it did exactly that!

As earlier stated Twin Spin is running on the Net Entertainment software platform. This online pokies game has a touch of touch of retro goodness whole in it. It is not clear why the developer chose to retake players in the 1970s, and although there were several other pokies with a similar theme, none of them really capture it vividly in the same way as Twin Spin. Therefore, it is perfect to say that the above pokie has rightly combined the best old school casino pokies with the excitement of the modern video online pokies. Whether you are feeling nostalgic or you just want to break away from the complexity of more sophisticated pokies, you will get into the heart of the game’s Twin spin feature, which offers you double, triple, and much more chances to win hefty and big prizes.

Design layout and gameplay features

Twin Spin is designed with feel reels, three rows, and 243 pay lines. Again, 243 bet ways are one of the greatest opportunities to maximize earnings! The theme of this game combines the classic casino with a splash of a modern space-infused graphics. Dark blue lights highlighted with green, blue, and magenta laser beam is displayed in the background. Twinkling yellow spots more like blinking of stars is vividly clear behind the reels. What is more interesting is how these lighting and sparkling elements coordinate into an assorted racing light features to mark and celebrate winning combinations. As you spin the reels, the 70s-inspired soundtrack and exciting music fill the air. Twin Spin is fully compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems on computers, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. Therefore, you can play it anywhere anytime!

Twin spin

Gameplay symbols

Before playing this game, it is highly advisable that you spare some few minutes trying to learn about the symbols used. Vintage symbols is a throwback to the classic pokies and include Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace forming the lower value symbols. Besides that, Twin Spin features high-value symbols picked from the Vegas reels and include a pair of red cherries, golden bell, gold bar, the red number seven, and sparking giant diamond.

How to play Twin Spin pokies

Before hitting the spin button to set the reels on motion, players are required to choose and regulate their bets. The ‘Level’ selector button adjusts the stake level. The ‘Coin Value’ selector regulates the coin value, which varies from 0.01 up to 0.5. Pressing on the ‘Spin’ button will initiate the game while ‘Max Bet’ will spin the reels at the highest possible wager. Alternatively, if one desires to play the game a given number of times without interruption, then they need to use the ‘Autoplay’ feature. It is important to note that Twin Spin is a medium to high volatility online pokies with a house edge of 3.4 percent.

Bonus features

Anyone playing online pokies for real money will be interested in knowing if there are some generous offers to increase his/her winning chances. It seems it is not an exception with Twin Spin online pokies as there are several appealing bonus features as explained below:

  1. 243-Ways-To-Win

Although some people can urge that 243-ways-to-win should not fall in the bonus feature section, but truth be told, the feature was included in this game to increase winning chances. Therefore, putting it is simple terms, it is a ‘bonus’ feature. What it means is that it is possible to win just be getting matching symbols on adjacent reels from which direction.

  1. Twin spin feature

It is agreeable to many people that the only bonus feature found in the Twin Spin online pokies is the Twin spin feature, also known as the joint reel feature. How does it work? It is pretty simple and straightforward! During each spin, at least two of the reels featuring identical symbols will be cloned and will spin together. As an extra exciting feature, the two reels will occasionally expand into three, four, or even five reels, and all it means is that a player will be enjoying huge wins.

twin spin features

In summary;

That is Twin Spin online pokies at its best. It is an example of how to develop an attractive and compelling game with the very least bonus features. Although it might sound more appealing to experienced players, it is a good gateway for newcomers. Overall, you will have great fun being retaken to the classical 1970s themed pokies.



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