Gonzo’s Quest Online Pokies Review

A quick overview at the game

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most recent online pokies courtesy of the world’s ingenious slots developer, Net Entertainment (often called NetEnt). If you have ever played pokies from this developer, then you guess that the latest release has nothing short of excellence as far as slots experience is concerned. In this regard, you cannot wait any longer to give Gonzo’s Quest a trial, and from our review, you will realize it is a unique game highlighting remarkable features.

The above pokie is a beautifully-designed 3D video slot with superb animations and graphics. As the name suggest, the game is centered on a hero called Gonzalo Pizarro or Gonzo. He depicted as conqueror whose primary objective was to sail through the Amazon jungle in search of hidden treasure (that is gold) in a lost city of Eldorado. Thus, this game takes players back to history line of South America in the early 16th century. As you play the game, you join Gonzo in quest of gold and will stand a chance of winning hefty prizes. Continue reading this review to know more about this game!

Gonzo’s Quest Online screenshot 2

Gonzo’s Quest design layout

Gonzo’s Quest is no doubt one of the most popular NetEnt’s online pokies, and with good reason. The game is indeed simple but is an excellent, intuitive way which allows players (both novice and seasoned) to understand it without losing the complexity that makes new online pokies appealing. The pokie begins with a short, eye-catching, and charming introductory video that sets the stage to appear as it was in the 16th century during the time of conqueror Gonzo. Unlike other online pokies featuring traditional spinning reels, you will be surprised to see symbols and other icons falling from above in Gonzo’s Quest game. This latest feature is called Avalanche Reels. In a nutshell, it features five reels, three rows, and twenty pay lines.

Gameplay symbols

Whether you are playing pokies for fun or real money, it is imperative that you are conversant with some of the symbols appearing on the screen and the role they play. As with Gonzo’s Quest, graphics and animations are superb. The background is a scene of the jungle as well as golden Aztec pyramids. The main character, which is Gonzo, is seen standing on the left of the reels and occasionally burst into a dance when a player spins a win.

Most of the symbols used in this game are intricate block carvings resonant of the ancient South American culture, and the accurate way to describe them is typically by the color. Starting from the lowest to the highest valued symbols based on color are light blue, red, orange, purple, brown, green, and of course, blue. It is not easy to describe precisely all the carvings, but it is good to note that all of them differ in one way or another. Nonetheless, the two special symbols players need to keep an eye on are a wild symbol bearing a question mark on it and gold ‘Free Fall’ block.

Gonzo’s Quest gameplay symbols

How to play Gonzo’s Quest

Spins in Gonzo’s Quest are a little bit unconventional. As we all know, in many other spins, blocks will fall into three rows of five columns, but in this game, there are up to twenty compulsory pay lines to win on. Any winning combination will cause all blocks in that single line to crumble down. The result of this feature is that any other block they were supporting will too fall and more blocks will appear to replace the gaps. The entire process is referred to as an Avalanche.

This game comes in a range of denomination sizes that start at one cent, and players are required to choose to wager between one and five credits per line. That means the lowest wager is twenty cents while the highest is fifty dollars per spin. To play the game, just select your preferred coin denomination, choose the number of coins you would like to play per line, and hit the start button.

Bonus features

As earlier explained, what attracts people most to Gonzo’s Quest is the way the blocks forming a winning combo crumble down and are quickly replaced by new set of blocks. Apparently, this latest feature gives players another chance of winning where the first win gets a 1X multiplier while second and third gets a 2X and 3X multiplier. The goes on until 5X multiplier is reached.

Gonzo’s Quest Online screenshot 3

Another attractive bonus feature is the Free Fall bonus, which is activated by landing on three or even more of the Free Fall symbols on a single pay line. Once triggered, a player is awarded up to ten free re-spins. Besides that, when playing the Free Fall bonus, the multiplier is increased from the conventional game to 3X, 6X, 9X, and 15X.

In Conclusion therefore…

If you are looking for some puzzle mechanics in online pokies, then look no further than the Gonzo’s Quest. The game might be simplistic a general point of view, but that does not mean it is simple. Its structure has full potentials of creating some tense gambling experience and moments. The lack of jackpot offer and low win frequency are some of the pitfalls of the above game, but if you are the type of online casino player who is mostly playing online pokies for fun rather than for real money with huge winnings, then you have just found yourself a new favorite.

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